Packing for a longer trip than I’ve ever been on in my life is difficult. I’ve never done this before. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve backpacked before, but it was splitting tent poles, pots, and food among a few different people. That was easy and brainless. Packing for one person, for a variety of scenarios that could come up over the next 5-6 months is not easy or brainless. I have now packed and repacked my backpack at least 20 times. I am tired, I am cranky, and the damn thing still weights 30.5 pounds. That’s with water, but still. Still! I have taken things out each time I repacked, and when I thought nothing else could be removed, I sat down with my brother and removed a pile of stuff. Granted, that pile weighed in at about a pound, but it was still a pile. I’m even sitting here asking myself if I really need those wipes for all my naughty bits. I don’t want to leave out my lady wipes, and now I’m thinking about how I can make them lighter.

I don’t know how people can get their pack weight down so low. I have purchased the lightest, tiniest version of everything that I could find. I even found the tiniest Vaseline ever made. Seriously, if I start chaffing, there’s enough Vaseline in this thing for one swipe up my crack and that is it! I have reduced my food supply from a week down to 4 days, and my parents (oh wonderful, loving parents) are going to drive 1-3 hours each way, every weekend while I’m in Southern California, to resupply me. I hope that when they’re no longer within a short drive, I’ll have gained some strength, and figured out what I’ll never use.


My pack and the pile of stuff removed on the final round.


6 thoughts on “Packing

  1. Justin

    30 lbs is awesome. Your strength will increase each day making that weight feel like a lot less. Packing is no easy task, especially for this journey. Well done.



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